Rangers Guide Lost Wild Baby Elephant Being Stalked By Lions Back To His Mom

When rangers with the Anti-Poaching Team of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy received news that a very young elephant calf had wondered off and lost his mother and herd, the men sprung into action to save his life!

Not only was the elephant calf at risk from being separated from his herd, but he also had a pride of 10 lions tracking him, waiting for the right time to strike.

Thankfully, the rangers arrived to help him get back safely to his family.

“Rangers tried to keep the calf calm as they continued to lead him towards his mother and herd,” Lewa Wildlife Conservancy wrote on Facebook.


Photo credit: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Rangers continued to steer the lost elephant calf to his herd.


Photo credit: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

When they finally got close enough, the baby’s mother came over to bring him back home!


Photo credit: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The calf was finally reunited with his family thanks to the rangers’ quick thinking!


Photo credit: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy located in Northern Kenya is home to several hundred elephants, an oasis amid the slaughter and devastation many African elephants are facing because of poachers. That’s why the life of every wild elephant is precious!

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