Lobster Cracks Open Can of Spaghetti

While out catching lobster, these fisherman decided to demonstrate just how powerful the crusher claw of a lobster can be.

Watch as the lobster grips down and cracks open a can of what looks like spaghetti-os.

Lobster claws can exert a tremendous amount of pressure – 100 pounds per square inch, in fact. Researchers have learned that the crusher claw (the larger lobster claw), which has molar-like ridges is used to break up clams, mussels and other sea life with hard shells.

The video has quickly gathered over 500 thousand views on YouTube. Many people marvelled at the crustacean’s claws. While others joked about the loss of a perfectly good can of spaghetti.

“Anyone seen my last can of spaghetti?” wrote one viewer. Another joked, “Lobster claws: nature’s can opener… for when you are on the high seas and forget spaghetti-o has an easy open tab.”

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