KFC Restaurant Gives Its Leftover Chicken To The Homeless

One KFC restaurant is giving back to the community in a way that helps the homeless. Instead of tossing their leftover chicken in the trash, KFC gives it to Ace of Clubs shelter in South-West London. The shelter has 80 to 100 people visiting every day for a meal, so a lot of food is needed. As a participant in KFC UK and Ireland’s food donation program, the restaurant donates their left-over chicken, and David from Ace of Spades, drives and picks it up twice a week.

KFC Manager Michelle explains that after 90 minutes, if the cooked chicken isn’t purchased, it is “scrapped”. The chicken hadn’t expired and is perfectly edible, but it is no longer up to their “golden standard” policy for customers. So rather than throw it away, the restaurant freezes it up for Ace of Spades.

The program is a wonderful collaborative effort in giving. The chicken isn’t wasted and Ace of Spades saves a lot of money on food, which they can then spend on other much-needed resources at their shelter. Watch more about this fantastic program in the video below.

I love this community program and hope more restaurants follow suit! Share this heartwarming collaboration with your friends!

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