6 Natural Methods For Keeping Cockroaches Away From Your Home

Cockroaches are not only very nasty bugs that carry diseases and spread dangerous bacteria all over a home through their saliva. So it’s a serious health matter if you find cockroaches in your house. Unfortunately, the critters will sometimes find their way into your home, garage and other damp areas seeking out moisture and food.

If you have an infestation, then you’ll need to call a professional exterminator. But if you are looking for some easy, preventative measures for keeping cockroaches away from your home, then give these alternative methods a try. And you’ll find many of the ingredients are items you’ll find in your kitchen pantry and laundry room!

1. Use fabric softener. Roaches can’t tolerate the strong fragrance and it will suffocate them. Simply mix fabric softener with water and spray the mix where you have a roach infestation. Do it daily until you get rid of them.

2. Use fresh coffee grounds. Roaches are attracted to them and will eat it, but caffeine is toxic to the bugs and will eventually kill them. Replace the supply every few days with fresh coffee.

3. Use sugar and boric acid. Okay, boric acid isn’t an all-natural ingredient, but this mixture works on eradicating all sorts of bugs and will work on roaches too. But be careful to keep the boric acid away from pets and children. It is toxic!

4. Use baking soda and sugar. Baking soda acts similarly to boric acid, but it’s a less toxic, safer option.

5. Use cayenne, garlic and onion powder. Roaches hate the smell and will avoid areas with the mixture.

6. Use bay leaves. Roaches absolutely hate the smell and will not go anywhere near them. If you place dried bay leaves around the house, roaches will avoid the areas. As a bonus, bay leaves will work against ants too!

And remember, if these don’t work it’s time to call in a professional exterminator, for the safety of your health and that of your family.

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