How To Make Your Own Ant Killer With Borax

When Spring arrives, so do the ants. And when you have them around or in your home, it’s time to find a solution to get rid of them. But why spend money on chemical ant killers or an exterminator when there is a much easier and cheaper solution at your fingertips? Greg the Gardener shares his solution to get rid of ants which combines 4 simple ingredients.

You’ll need:

– 6 tsp sugar
– 6 to 8 tsp borax (boric acid). Borax is typically found in the laundry aisle of your grocery store at local hardware stores.
– boiling water
– honey
– spray container

Greg outlines: Put the sugar and borax into a cup or container and add boiling water so the mix thoroughly dissolves. Then add a bit of honey and stir again until everything has dissolved. Let the mixture cool and then pour it into your spray container.

Next, spray the mixture on the ant trails around your home; it will kill the ants after they ingest it. You can also leave it out in bowls to trap the ants, although you should be careful with this method as this may unintentionally poison other animals!

One suggestion someone had was to put the mixture in a chip dip container – drill holes in the side of it first and then add your mix in and then seal it up with the lid. It makes it a little bit safer around kids and animals and it’s also weather-proof if you put it outside.

Greg advises to not spray the mix inside your home as you will simply attract more ants indoors. Instead, find where the insects are entering the home and target that area.

CAUTION: borax is a toxin and is dangerous to pets and young children as well as ants so please handle this substance with care and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Please find a safe way to bait the ants without letting your family and animals come in contact with it. Also, do not use this spray around your vegetable garden or any plants you consume!

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