Woman Attempts To Make A Snow Angel With Hilarious Results

Snow isn’t something regularly seen in Ireland. The emerald isle tends to get more rain than snow. And when it does snow, it’s not the same as the snowfall in Boston. As result, it seems this Irish woman has gone her whole life without knowing what a snow angel is. But she was game to try, with hilarious results.


Claire Dunne was visiting family in Boston when they asked her to go outside and make a snow angel, which she did in her own particular way as you will see in the video that went viral.


Sister-in-law Melanie Grace Gillespie, who posted up the video, told the Irish Examiner:

“Claire is always looking for a challenge and I was talking to her about how much the kids love doing snow angels.”

“I honestly thought from her confidence that she knew how to do one and I knew it’d be funny to film it but not in a million years did I expect that she’d end up doing it completely arseways!”


Claire doesn’t exactly follow her family’s instructions to the letter, but you can’t help but laugh along with this family moment.

Claire’s resulting snow angel – and her good humor at her attempt is sure to put a smile on your face.

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