Woman Takes An Old Cooler And Refurbishes It Into Awesome Rustic Cooler

Brooke Norsworthy is smitten by rustic coolers but after seeing how much they cost in the store, she knew it just wasn’t in her budget to buy one. So when she was offered a bunch of recycled barnwood by her dad, she decided to build one of her own!

Brooke shared her DIY project with Reshareworthy.com, and we’re sure you’ll agree, the results are pretty cool. We loved how she transformed an old hunk of plastic into something decorative and useful!

In addition to the old cooler and barnwood needed for her project, Brooke spent $30 on supplies which included: five 2x2s and one 1×4, screws, nails, pipe couplings, a spigot, handles and a bottle opener.


The first step is to disassemble the cooler, making sure to take off all the hardware and detach the lid.


Next, measure your cooler and build the frame and sides. They made the legs 30 inches in height so it was counter-height for easy drink-grabbing.


Attach the sides together to finish the frame.


Insert your cooler so it fits snuggly into the frame.


Cut your siding and attach with nails.


Brooke purposely made the siding overhang the frame to hide the 2x2s.


Cut drain hole and attach siding to the last end. They started with the center board to ensure the hole for the spigot was properly placed.


It’s time to trim out the top and edges.


Once you’re done trimming the top lip, add trim to the top and bottom, to the sides, and any decorative pieces.


Create the lid frame, cover it and add trim.


Cover your legs too!


Attach the hinges.



Finally, add the finishing touches by attaching a spigot and a bottle opener.


Here’s the finished result with the lid on…


…And the lid open. It looks great!


Article republished with permission from Brooke Norsworthy.

If you don’t have old barnwood lying around, Brooke suggested searching on Craigslist or your local listing for someone recycling similar materials. Another option would be to buy cedar fence pickets for a newer look.

For the detailed instructions on building your own rustic cooler (including measurements) visit Brooke’s website Killer B Design!

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