Horse Kicks A Tree, Farts on Dogs And Then Runs Away

A playful horse’s quirky behavior has gone viral for his funny antics in a video shared by his family. In the video, Sven the Grulla Quarter horse is filmed “running through the forest with the dogs, kicking trees, farting, and just having a great time” according to his humans.

“It was a cool fall day and he was feeling very frisky,” writes YouTuber Yukon. The horse runs towards the dogs and people before trotting past and then kicking a tree and then running back towards the paddock but not before letting out a big fart!

“The dogs and horses are all great friends and play together often,” says Yukon of the funny incident. And although some people voiced a bit of concern for the dogs close by, Yukon reassures everyone that everyone was safe. “Sven never hurts any of the dogs, they get along great, and he was just feeling frisky this day.”

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