Nobody Confessed To Taking Mom’s Cupcakes, So She Set Up A Hidden Camera And Catches Dog

After a family’s freshly-baked cupcakes kept disappearing and no one confessed, they set up a cupcake cam to catch the culprit and this is what they discovered!

“Sierra is a one year old German Shorthair Pointer, turns out that she loves cupcakes,” wrote her human Mark Schlander. “We found this out the hard way and could not figure out who had eaten about a dozen of the freshly made cupcakes, so we set up our cupcake cam. Turns out that we caught the cupcake-loving pacaderm in the act, in this video, she manages to eat 5 cupcakes in about 5 minutes….”

Mark added, “We don’t let her eat human foods, what we have found is that our dog likes to counter surf as our daughter has a number of friends that visit the house….. so all foods are [now] stored in containers and are stored out of sight and reach of our dog.”

Sounds like Sierra’s cupcake-stealing days are over, but everyone can continue to enjoy her naughtiness on video!

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