Guy On Road Trip Meets Pit Bull About To Be Euthanized, Can’t Leave Him Behind

When Jon Mancinetti began his road trip with his dog Smokey he would stop by local shelters and showcase local dogs that needed to be adopted. As he was about to leave a Memphis shelter, a volunteer stopped him and told him there was one sweet pittie he should meet, but he should know the dog was scheduled to be euthanized that day.

The dog was skinny and sickly but Jon could see there was a “beautiful dog underneath all that.” However, Jon hadn’t been thinking of rescuing a dog in the middle of his road trip. As he was driving away he thought to himself “When I leave they’re going to put him to sleep.” That’s when he knew he wanted to foster “Mosey.”

Jon immediately turned around and went back to the shelter to introduce Smokey to Mosey to see if the two would get along. They did, so now Mosey was the “plus one” on their road trip.

Not only did Mosey thrive and heal on their trip together, with Mosey finding a forever home soon after, Jon learned an important lesson from Mosey – that he’s a foster and that he will continue to save as many dogs as he can.

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