Geese Parade Through City Spreading Cheer And Chattering Their Way Into People’s Hearts

If you’ve been feeling a bit blue this Spring, watching this unusual goose parade is sure to cheer you up. The well-behaved geese are known as “Gänsekapelle” and appear to be an annual attraction at the Open Flair festival in the German town of Eschwege.

The group of geese march through the city accompanied by a pair of colorful musicians, who are playing drums and chimes. The geese are completely unfazed by the loud marching music and the onlookers.

The organizers of the Open Flair Music Festival – which happens to be a “heavy rock” music festival – shared one video of the Gänsekapelle and wrote: “They [the geese] chattered their way loudly into our hearts, which is why they are part of the party again and will make their way through the city centre.”

They add that “the goose band is a unique combination of people, animals and music, based on the ancient tradition of herding geese.” So it appears the goose band is part of the festival.

And that’s all we were able to learn. We are guessing the tradition of marching geese through town harkens back to medieval times. In any event, people watching the videos of the polite geese expressed their satisfaction with watching the goose band in action.

One viewer wrote, “Amazing! That was wonderful. Such well behaved geese. They looked so serious about making a good presentation of themselves. I got a good laugh out of it.”

Another wrote, “Whenever I feel blue, I come and watch this and bliss pops up!”

“I felt an instant sense of well-being after watching this,” said another.

It certainly is enjoyable watching the geese

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