Good Samaritans Climb Drainpipe to Save Kids From Apartment Fire

Dramatic footage of children being rescued from a burning building has people applauding the bravery and quick thinking of neighbors. A fire broke out in an apartment building in Kostroma, Russia trapping several children inside. A neighbor across the street filmed Good Samaritans scaling the apartment’s drain pipe to free the children from the fire.

In the video, smoke can be seen billowing out from the apartment’s open window. Several men scale the side of the building and hang onto the drain pipe and create a “human chain”.


The man nearest the window coaxes the children to give them their hand and he passes them down to the man beneath one by one. Three children are rescued in total.

The videographer wrote:

“An apartment across from us caught fire, trapping two children inside. [Editor’s note: We count three people rescued in the video.] Some local residents climbed the drainpipe to the third-story window and formed a human chain to pass the children down to the ground with one hand while holding onto the drainpipe with the other. Firefighters arrived soon after and extinguished the fire, the local residents have been nominated for bravery awards for their heroic efforts.”

The fire occurred on June 6, 2021.

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