Golden Retriever 100 Pounds Overweight And Unable To Move Refuses To Give Up On Himself

At 173 pounds, Kai the Golden Retriever was an astounding 100 pounds overweight when he first came to his foster mom, Pam’s attention. Obviously neglected, Kai was nearly put to sleep by his previous owners who brought him in to a vet to be euthanized because he had a hard time getting up.

But the vet refused to do it, sensing Kai still had life in him. That’s when he was rescued and Pam began to foster him. She reveals he could “literally not do anything.”

On the first day he arrived home, it took him 20 minutes to get up three stairs and into her house.

So overweight, Kai could only take five or ten steps a day — he had a long, long way to go to lose 100 pounds.

But Kai refused to give up on himself. And Pam refused to give up on him. Slowly but surely, step by step, Kai began to lose weight and become the dog he was meant to be.

Watch Kai’s amazing journey back to health in the heartwarming video below.

And look at Kai now! He looks so healthy and happy!

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