French Bulldogs Fall In Love With New Baby

French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru didn’t know they could love baby Sienna so much. But from the first time they saw her both were instantly smitten.

For Haru, the love began before Sienna arrived. She would lie on her mama’s belly and watch her and grew very protective of her right up until the day mom went into labour. It’s as if she knew a baby was coming!

And when Haru saw Sienna for the first time she just beamed. She couldn’t stop smiling and her family says they’d never seen her so happy.

Griffin was so excited he didn’t know what to do. So he sang.

Now the two dogs stay by Sienna’s side all day. The two take turns guarding Sienna, although they sometimes nap. After all, babysitting is hard work.

Her family writes on YouTube, “They have the sweetest dog baby relationship. Hope you enjoy today’s video, sorry if you tear up, this is the sweetest cutest dog baby video!”

Watching how the two dogs behave around baby Sienna, it’s clear she has two protectors and fur siblings that will look out for her no matter what. Now you’ll have to excuse us, we have to grab a tissue.

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