Man Transforms Mundane Objects On City Streets Into Funny Art Pieces

There are many mundane objects throughout a city that we rarely notice. Street lamps, ledges, manholes, they are part of the background scenery that we rarely notice as we go about our daily lives. But for a street artist in Amsterdam they are mundane objects to transform into fun art.

Frankey is a street artist from Amsterdam who sees art in the every day things throughout the city. When he notices something, he asks himself, “Can I tell another story around it?”

He’s transformed a fence into Batman, a steam vent into a dragon and much more. But he always tries to inject a sense of humour into his projects to give people a smile.

Check out some of his urban inventions below.

A monster clawing itself out of a wall.

Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks

A spaceman

Ice Cream

Vive La Frans


Captain America

The Bluesmobile

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