Father’s Quick Reflexes Save Baby From Drunk Driver

A father’s quick thinking saved the life of his child after he pushed the stroller out of the way of a drunk driver. Surveillance footage taken in Zagreb, Croatia, captured the shocking moment an Audi swerves through the barriers onto the pedestrian sidewalk and careens straight towards the father walking his three-month-old baby.

The father desperately tries to push his child out of harm’s way. He almost gets clear, but both he and the baby are sent flying after the car clips the stroller’s wheels. The man and pram are knocked over and pushed into the bake lane, but fortunately not the traffic lane.

The baby was left lying motionless in the street while his father struggled to stand up. But the dad staggers up and immediately scoops up his child to see if she is all right.

Nearby pedestrians race over to the scene to help the man.

The pedestrians and father are outraged and in the footage the father is seen handing the infant over to a woman for a brief time so he and others can go confront the driver. But the driver remained secured in his vehicle.

Soon after, both baby and father were taken to the hospital and thankfully the baby only suffered minor scratches and bruises!

The incident captured worldwide attention. Not only for the father’s heroic quick action, but also for the outcome of the charges brought against the driver.

Local media identified the drunk business man as Miroslav Stanojevic. According to the Mirror, even though the Stanojevic had a blood alcohol content four times over the legal limit, he avoided jail time after apologizing in court. Stanojevic is apparently a wealthy and well-connected business man, which may have helped him get away with only paying a small fine and getting a two-year driving ban.

The dad, who was not named, later told local media: “All of a sudden, I saw the Audi hitting the traffic light and continue to drive in our direction. I pushed the pram onto the tram tracks and only just managed to avoid that the car runs us over.”

Thank goodness father and child escaped unharmed!

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