Fat Cat’s Weight Loss Routine Swimming In Pool Goes Viral

A fat cat is inspiring people on their own weight loss journeys because of his unusual exercise routine and lack of enthusiasm. Peaches the Purrmaid has begun swimming to shed the pounds but he’s not so happy about the water. The orange tabby lives in Edmonton, Alberta and developed diabetes. He loves to eat but hates to do any kind of activity. His veterinarian advised his mom, Chastity Emes, that Peaches needed to lose weight for his health.

Emes tried a more traditional approach first, and tried taking him on walks.

“I had a harness for him and tried to get him out of the condo, and we didn’t make it out of our hallway because he just kind of flopped over and decided it wasn’t going to happen,” Emes told Global News.

That’s when Emes had an idea. Her friend is an animal hydrotherapist and agreed to take Peaches into the pool. It’s a special pool with warm salt water and it’s specifically designed for pets.

Peaches didn’t take to swimming right away. At first, Peaches meowed a fair bit when he went into the water. He’s pretty calm on the platform in the pool, but when he has to exert himself he’s not too happy. Emes says that Peaches may protest but he’s not in any pain and it’s for his own good.

@peaches_the_purrmaid One of my favourite things is when he talks back to @Carly Anne831 ☺️ This clip is from June 11, when we first started going back to the pool this summer. Peach goes to a special pool, only for pets. @FriskyPup #diabeticcat #catsthatswim #gingercat #orangecatbehavior #orangecatsoftiktok #orangecat #cattok #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Peaches_the_Purrmaid

Over the past several months, Peaches has been losing weight and making great progress. His therapist can feel his hips and rib cage now so the swimming is really helping. He can also go on the treadmill now too. He doesn’t like it very much either but he’s improving so much.

@peaches_the_purrmaid This summer, @Carly Anne831 has been working with Peach to get him to come off his platform on his own. We were hoping that if he got more confident in the water, he might not dislike it so much. He’s doing amazing…but still hates it @FriskyPup #diabeticcat #catsthatswim #gingercat #orangecat #cattok #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Peaches_the_Purrmaid

Emes regularly shares videos of Peaches’ progress on on TikTok where several of his videos have gotten millions of views. Many people are inspired by Peaches lack of enthusiasm but “can do” attitude.

Said one viewer, “he’s so brave, he’s well behaved.”

Another observed that Peaches’ attitude is like theirs and wrote, “‘I’m gonna do it but I’ll complain the entire time’ is my approach to most things.”

And another fan wrote, “Peaches is every one of us reluctantly forced to exercise because we need it! The hero I never knew I needed!”

@peaches_the_purrmaid Yes, we know he hates it. No, we’re not torturing him. Yes, his vet is aware and approves. No, he’s not in any pain. It’s warm salt water, not acid. It’s a hydrotherapy pool specifically designed for pets. #catsoftiktok #cattok #orangecat #gingercat #catsthatswim #diabeticcat @FriskyPup ♬ original sound – Peaches_the_Purrmaid

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