Farm Truck Turned Into Race Boat Speeds Across Lakes

Is it a farm truck or is it a pontoon boat? That’s what boaters and visitors to Oklahoma’s Lake Overholser and Blarney Island in Antioch, Illinois were probably asking themselves when they saw this on the water!

At Blarney Island, the farm truck turned race boat was participating in a drag boat racing event known as “Thunder On The Chain” which takes place in the summer.

Here’s footage of the boat racing. Just look at the water jet it gives off.

Larry Dale Chandler also caught sight of the unique boat at Oklahoma’s Lake Overholser.

But let’s get a closer look at it, should we? Fans of Farmtruck, an orange 1970 Chevrolet of AZN Racing fame, noticed more than a passing resemblance to the infamous drag racing truck often featured on Street Outlaws. But is it the Farmtruck?

Yes it is! The newly dubbed “Farmboat” is the truck on a pontoon platform. Its V8 engine powers the water jet drive. The group gave an inside look into the making of the Farmboat, which will be featured on Discovery Channel in the near future.

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