Family’s Heartwarming Reaction After Their Lost Dog Finds His Way Home

After Brownie the dog went missing from the home in late March, Steven Beltran and his family were inconsolable. The tiny dog had disappeared after the gate to their home was accidentally left open. So imagine their surprise and incredible relief when the tiny dog found his way home a week later!

The family’s desperate search began a week earlier on March 29, with all the members canvassing the neighborhood day and night to the early hours of morning.

The family, who live in Colombia, were beside themselves with worry for their furry family member.

“We felt an emptiness and anguish because one sincerely thinks of the worst, for example: how he will be, if he will be eating well, if he will be drinking water, if someone will be mistreating him, if he was run over by a car, which was the worst thing one could imagine. It was something very ugly honestly,” Steven told the EL HERALDO.

Then on the evening of Monday April 4, as the family were preparing to search for Brownie again, the little dog surprised them all.


Surveillance cameras show the small dog climbing under the front gate and walking right into the family’s home!

For family member Lina Gonzalez it was a stunning turn of events. “For me it was magical,” Lina said of Brownie “appearing out of nowhere.” “There was screaming, we jumped, we cried, my dad seems to have won the lottery,” she described.

“He arrived alone, we thought of everything, except that he was going to arrive alone,” said a stunned Steven.

The video shows just how emotional the unexpected reunion was for the family.

The father can be seen walking to the gate in happy disbelief at the turn of events.


Steven, hugs his dad in obvious happiness and relief.


Being away for several days has taken its toll on Brownie and he lost weight, has some scrapes and bruises and is dehydrated. But after a visit to the veterinarian the next day, Brownie is overall in good health. No doubt he will recover quickly now that he is back in the loving arms of his family.


The video of the family has since gone viral eliciting emotional reactions from viewers. Twitter user Evelyn Carmono shared the video writing, “Cry with me.”

We are Evelyn, we are.

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