Woman Spots Fluffy Head In Tall Grass, Leads To A Picture Perfect Rescue

Laura Chapman and her family were on holiday to visit their family ranch in Texas when they noticed a “fluffy head in tall grass.”  It was a dog in the middle of nowhere!

“We had to go back. On the side of the highway we found him abandoned,” Chapman explained on her TikTok channel.

Her sister immediately stepped out of the van and went over to the dog who lay down as she approached. He willingly went with them. Exhausted, he lay his head down on her daughter’s lap.

Here’s the rescue video below:

@laurachapman77Will post part two follow up after his vet visit!! Still looking for name suggestions and his breed!!!♬ Lift Me Up – From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Music From and Inspired By – Rihanna

What captured people’s attention and made the video go viral was just how picture perfect the rescue scene was. One TikTokker PawWatch wrote, “The most beautiful dog rescue ever…literally! I never ever look like this when rescuing dogs.”

And Lanuna50 wrote, “Ok, the hair, the dress, the wind, the grass. THE RESCUE!! What kind of Nicolas Sparks fabulous post is this? God bless you guys.”

Chapman responded as to why her sister, who approached the dog, was dressed in a white dress. “We were planning on stopping by bluebonnet fields to take pics on our route,” she explained. “Def[initely] got muddy carrying him to the car.”

Ruthie Ann wrote, “That dog probably thought an Angel had come for him!”

MiLuna1978 had the same sentiment. “He didn’t run because you looked like an angel walking towards him.”

After getting the dog, who they’ve named “Murphy” back to their family ranch, they scheduled appointments for him immediately. Chapman captioned in the video, “So off on this new adventure we go. We had an emergency groom appointment and awaiting vet visit.”

TikTok @laurachapman77

Murphy was very matted and covered in fleas so it was good he got a shave down.

TikTok @laurachapman77

The vet figures he’s around 3 years old and he has a torn ACL and hookworm. They scanned for a microchip and didn’t find one.

Right now Chapman and her sister are doing what they can to find Murphy’s family. If they can’t, the plan is to take him back with them to Michigan.  Chapman explained in a follow-up video that Murphy was found in the middle of Texas in an area that had a dog dumped just the week before. However, they’re making every effort to locate his owners.

TikTok @laurachapman77

Chapman added that either her sister or her will adopt him if they can find his family. Both of them recently lost their own dogs within 2.5 weeks of one another. Chapman wrote, “Our dogs both passed unexpectedly about 2.5 weeks apart.”

@laurachapman77Part 2!♬ original sound – Laura Chapman

For being so unlucky as to be abandoned in a field Murphy certainly fell into the right hands!

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