They Bought The Perfect Home. Then 1,000s Of Venomous Spiders Started “Bleeding Out Of The Walls”

Imagine buying your dream home only to be driven out by thousands of venomous spiders! This horror story actually happened to a Brian and Susan Trost who bought a $450,000 home in a St. Louis suburb a few years ago only to discover it was infested with brown recluse spiders.

Susan began to notice webbing in the home and once was showering when one fell from the ceiling and down the drain. Within a few years, the spiders were “bleeding out of the walls” Susan told KMOV-TV.

An expert estimated that there were between 4,500 to 6,000 spiders in their home, although the number was probably higher because he had made the calculation in the winter time when the spiders are not as active, the Associated Press reported.


Brown Recluse Spider

Thankfully, brown recluses don’t have a strong bite and are not an aggressive spider despite it’s scary appearance. The spider usually only bites in defence if they get tangled up in clothes, bedding, etc. and its small fangs have a hard time penetrating fabric. People that do get bitten usually don’t have severe reactions, but those that do can have serious complications that could lead to renal failure or necrosis.

The Trosts eventually moved out of the home and ended up filing an insurance claim and a lawsuit against the previous owners after several pest control companies were unable to eradicate the arachnids.

Although they were awarded a $472,000 settlement they have been unable to collect the settlement because the former owners declared bankruptcy and the insurance company has refused to pay.


Photo Credit: J.B. Forbes, Associated Press

Their abandoned home is covered under blue and red tents and undergoing an extreme fumigation to eradicate the spiders once and for all….

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