Family Who Believes Their Dog Intentionally Poisoned Pleas For Help

A man is seeking answers from police after his beloved dog died in his arms from apparent antifreeze poisoning. He suspects his neighbors may be responsible.

Michael Newport of Ashland City, Tennessee says that his 7-year-old dog, Molly, was his daughter’s best friend and the two did everything together. But earlier this Spring she fell violently ill one night and died the following morning. The veterinarian said she had ingested antifreeze. Newport reviewed his surveillance cameras and noted a neighbor acting suspiciously around his property. He says that in the surveillance video someone is seen walking with a bucket near his yard. Molly got sick and died a day later.

Although he called police, Newport says the investigation has apparently stalled and his family is still waiting for a call back. “I called the police and made reports, an investigator came out and looked at the footage I had and was optimistic,” Newport wrote on Imgur under the moniker monoxide47. “He said it wasn’t a grand slam but anyone could tell that he was doing something illegal and the fact that my dog died from anti-freeze a little more than 24 hours later was really suspicious. He brought them in for questioning a few days later and then…nothing.”

Newport claims that it’s been several months since Molly died and he still hasn’t heard back from police. “If there is something here, I just want justice served,” he later told WSMV News 4. “Molly didn’t deserve that.”

The news story followed after Newport contacted them after he was encouraged by people on reddit to reach out to news outlets. He shared photos of Molly with his daughter on Imgur and outlined his story there.

The following images with captions are from Imgur and contain what Newport wrote:


WSMV followed up with Newport’s neighbors seen on the video and were told the family’s claims are untrue. “We don’t know what happened to Molly,” the neighbor told the news station. “Molly was a sweet dog and no one in our neighborhood caused her harm. It had to have been accidental what she got into somewhere.”

For Newport, he says even if he does not have the evidence for charges to be laid against someone, he simply wants police to follow up with him. “I know that if I don’t have the evidence to put this guy in jail, posting this on here won’t force the DA to prosecute, that’s not the point,” he wrote on Imgur. “I want the local PD to at least call me back when they say they will or do the things they promised me they’d do.”