Elephant Who Lost A Leg In An Explosion Triumphantly Walks Again With A Prosthetic

Mosha is a 9-year-old female elephant with three legs. Mosha lost her right foreleg when she stepped on a landmine as a 7-month-old baby in 2006. Fortunately, she was saved by Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang, Thailand.

The hospital, one of the world’s oldest specializing in elephant care, and has treated over 3000 elephants since 1993. They immediately began to arrange for her to get a prosthetic limb in order for her to survive.

Mosha has had five since she was seven months old and she recently had to be fitted with bespoke prosthetics as she has grown in size.

I’m glad Mosha’s caregivers are ensuring she has been able to survive and thrive because of her prosthetic. Share Mosha’s story with your family and friends.

Mosha is not the only animal to be aided by prosthetics. Brutus is a Rottweiler that got four so he could walk!

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