Woman Lovingly Shows How To Clean An Elderly Cat

Many people think of house cats as independent when it comes to grooming themselves, they do it so well. But when they age, they are much like people and they need help. Older cats have less energy and flexibility so they need a bit of help washing themselves.

In this sweet video, Gianna Zimmerman gives her 18-year-old cat, Garfield, “elderly care” so he doesn’t become a “smelly cat”. Grooming is very important for cats as they clean themselves to get rid of old fur, poop and urine.

She says she’s wanted to make this video for a while to show how to clean old cats to keep them from becoming smelly. What she demonstrates only takes around 5 minutes and your cat will love you for it.

Share this video with the pet parents you know and help spread the message that cats deserve elderly care too.

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