Dying Woman Granted Her Final Wish To Say Goodbye To Her Beloved Poodle

A hospital in Brazil broke its own rules in order to grant one patient her dying wish – to give her beloved Poodle one last kiss and cuddle.

Pets are usually not permitted at the Santa Maria University Hospital in southern Brazil. However, they made an exception for Pink, a Poodle belonging to 80-year-old Maria Teresinha Prieto Flores, or Tetê, to her friends. Tetê was admitted to the hospital with advanced lung cancer. A widow with no children, Tetê’s close companion for the past 8 years has been Pink, but the two had not seen each other for several months.

“They drank coffee together every morning,” Jéssica Stello, the daughter of Tetê’s godson and a close family friend told the Brazilian newspaper Diário de Santa Maria. “They were inseparable. Often she would stay at home and refuse to go to places where Pink wasn’t allowed.”

While hospitalized, Tetê confided to hospital workers that she wished she could see Pink again. The staff decided they wanted to make her last wish a reality and the hospital granted Pink permission to visit as long as she was up-to-date on all her vaccinations.

For the special day, Pink was specially groomed. According to the newspaper, their reunion was an emotional one. Tetê had been quiet for several days, but when she saw Pink she roused enough strength to give her dog a loving embrace and a kiss farewell.

The video below is a short clip of part of their visit together.

Tetê passed away four days later.

“It was worth it to see her joy, even for a few minutes,” said the hospital social worker who helped arrange for Pink’s visit.

I’m so moved that the hospital recognized how important is was for Tetê to say goodbye to Pink.

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