Drowning Donkey Breaks Into Happy Grin As Soon As Rescuers Pull Him From Flooded River

A drowning donkey was rescued from severe floods caused by Storm Desmond in Ireland. An animal rescuer spotted the animal in the water after his owner originally sounded the alarm. Suzanne Gibbons of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue quickly put out an urgent call for help on Facebook:  “Code red. Today’s emergency. Please help me. There is a donkey stranded in deep flooding in Kilorglin. I need a boat and men to help. I have ropes etc.”

Shortly after two men, Declan and Mike, quickly arrived to help Suzanne. Mike is a local rowing club coach and brought a boat to get to the stranded donkey. When they reached him they put a lifebuoy around the donkey’s neck in order to pull him to shore.

They had to be careful he didn’t drift away or sink below the water and luckily they got all safely back!

A big, happy grin came across the donkey’s face as soon as he made it to shore and Suzanne planted a big kiss on his cheek.

Suzanne had nothing but praise for the two men that helped her. She wrote on Facebook, “Never say something can’t be done just do it. Declan and Mike were beyond brave. So many people told me ‘Don’t do it. It cant be done. You can’t swim, you’ll get killed.’ These two men just said ‘ok girl let’s give it a go’. I love you both for what you did today. My heroes xx.”

Animal Heaven Animal Rescue said that the donkey would be named after one of his rescuers and is now named “Mike”.

Mike is now cozy in a barn: “He is now dried with towels, eating a hot mash, all cozy and warm and our vet has seen him and started him on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia,” the rescue group wrote. “We loved every moment saving Mike and I think I speak for all of us, he was so worth the danger just to see his little face on dry land. Thanks for all your lovely comments and support.”

Mike will be returned to his owner once the flooding has subsided. Share this amazing animal rescue with your friends and family!

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