Grandmother Given A Baby Doll To Help Her With Her Dementia

Maxine Daniel got a special gift for her Nana Lilly, who sadly has dementia. It was a Baby Annabelle doll, and when her grandmother saw it, she lit up in joy.

Giving dolls to people suffering from dementia is known as “doll therapy” or “cuddle therapy”. It’s one way caregivers try to ease anxiety and bring joy to loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

While some caregivers are unsure of doll therapy, many caregivers find it to be a rewarding activity and report that it brings a sense of purpose and calm to their loved ones suffering from the disease.

The dolls may bring back some happy memories of early parenthood and help make the seniors feel useful and needed.

When Nana Lilly picks up the baby doll, you can see how she immediately becomes alert and attentive to the “baby” and a look of happiness crosses her face! Maxine says her nana’s reaction melted her heart!

It’s so good to see the innovative therapies that are being developed to help people with this terrible disease.

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