People Use Their Dogs’ Favorite Words On Pretend Phone Calls With Funny Results

Does your dog listen in on your phone calls? If these video clips are any indication, they probably do!

TikTok recently proposed that pet parents pretend they are on a phone call but then use their dogs’ favorite words to see how the dogs would react.

The trend took off and a wonderful bunch of funny videos with dogs are the result. Even the fake conversations are funny – “Hello, I’m trying to reach the squirrel.” Hysterical!

Dogs universally seem understand the same words – “grandma” and “grandpa” are at the top of the list. Other words that trigger a reaction? Park, treats, walk, squirrel, car ride. And the names of their buddies, sometimes.

Here are some other funny videos of the trend. In the video below, Alaska, the charcoal Labrador retriever listens carefully to mom’s fake phone call.

Pintxo, the dachshund mix can “never say no to treats, walks outside, or visits with his grandma….he does his signature move: his ear flies up like an antenna to better hear every single word.”

And it’s pretty clear that Moose the Rottweiler loves his grandma!

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