Dogs Arriving At Doggy Daycare After COVID19 Lockdown Have The Best Reactions

With the COVID19 pandemic disrupting our daily lives, many of us can’t wait for a return to our regular routines.  That feeling applies to our pets too. For evidence of this, just look at these dogs heading back to doggy daycare after the pandemic lockdown in New Zealand.

Laken Richardson with Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare put a camera at their front door and recorded the dogs’ reactions as they are dropped off by their humans. Based on their reactions we think the dogs are saying “about time!”

Viewers of the video were astounded how universal every dog’s response was. “They could not get in the door fast enough! Such joy! They know exactly where they are,” commented one viewer on YouTube.

“It’s incredible how EVERY SINGLE DOG sniffs the entrance first, then goes bonkers once it’s confirmed where he’s at,” said another.

They also observed how quickly the dogs forgot their humans were with them when they realized where they were.

“Every single one is like, ‘Open the door, open the door, bye, Mom!,” wrote one commenter.

Said another, “They are all so well behaved…and once inside they didn’t give their parents a second look.”

Like eager pre-schoolers, these dogs are no doubt looking forward to connecting with their friends, socializing and having fun!

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