Photos Of Once-Abandoned Dogs After Their Rescue Show Pure Happiness

The expressions on the faces of the dogs in these photos are absolutely priceless. The reason? They’ve all just been rescued and adopted and are feeling safe, free and loved.

Many of the pictures capture the exact moment that the dogs realize that they are finally free and safe! After living without a family nor anyone who cared about them, it clear to see just how impactful a little love is in the life of a dog. Dogs have been bred to be companions to humans and their natural instinct is to love, protect and be loyal to the humans who love them.

Note: Please be patient as these photos may take a few seconds to load, but they are definitely worth the wait!

I posted this puppy a few days ago. Today he went to his furever home 🙂
by u/Narya9 in aww

Here’s another photo of Frank in his new forever home! Doesn’t he look happy?

I was told Frank didn’t look happy enough in my last post, so here he is smiling away 🙂
by u/KeysOnATable in aww

Here’s a bonus picture of an adorable one-eyed cat who just got adopted, for all of you cat lovers!

Adopted this little one eyed guy today. Meet Ernie.
by u/Lewis-jones2010 in aww

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