Joyous Photos Of Rescued Dogs On Their Freedom Rides Bring On The Smiles

The expressions on the faces of these dogs are absolutely priceless. The reason? They’re on their freedom rides. All of the dogs in the photos below are rescues from shelters. And the person helping get them to freedom is Sarah Launch, a volunteer with Chicago Animal Care and Control Transport Team.

Every week, Sarah picks up unwanted dogs at local shelters and drives them to rescue groups, where they will be cared for until they are ready for adoption. She has been taking photos of the rescued dogs on their rides to freedom and posting them on Instagram. Many of the pictures perfectly capture the moment that the dogs realize they are finally free!


“Love giving freedom rides. Mange pitbull puppy is free.”

“Hubba bubba freedom ride.”

“Transport buddies.”

“Friday transport. Russell isn’t impressed with the traffic.”


“Freedom ride for Bronson!!”

“A ride to her forever home 🙂 love you Ms Magoo.”

“Sat in this car with Fridge a lot. His freedom ride from CACC, taking him to Tina when he was so ill, bringing him to our house after being out of the ER, and now back to his amazing foster. This is the first pic where we are both looking ahead to the amazing life he will surely have. He has my heart forever. Been an amazing ride.”

“Kaboom on his way to his forever home.”

“They wouldn’t stop kissing each other. Pit bulls are sooooo dangerous.”

“Freedom ride!!!”

“Donna. 7 year old #beagle was dumped by owners at shelter. I took her out today. She is amazing and I begged for someone to rescue her.”

“Sun shining down on Moose and I today. Fingers crossed his seizures stop. Love this sweet boy.”

“Freedom ride for Britney.”

“Mr.T freedom ride.”

“Charlotte is free!!!!!!”

Why are freedom rides so special? This Before and After photo explains it all!

These photos are truly heartwarming. Consider volunteering for your local animal rescue or humane society and put a smile on a homeless animal’s face.

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