Dog Runs Away From Daycare And Rings Doorbell At Family Home

The Henson family was enjoying their Las Vegas vacation when they got quite a surprise. Three days in to their holiday, their security camera app notified them someone was ringing their doorbell and that someone turned out to be their dog!

They were stunned. Their dog, Dexter, should have been at the doggie daycare/kennel where he was staying for the week. But the clever dog had somehow managed to escape and found his way home despite the 6-foot fence at the daycare and a 2 mile journey to the family’s front door!

Luckily, Dexter’s dad kept him calm by talking to him through the Ring app so that the dog stayed put until a daycare worker arrived to fetch him.

Dad says Dexter’s intelligence can get him into trouble sometimes, but we’re certainly glad the dog was smart enough to let his family know where he was!

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