Dog Returned To Shelter For Being ‘Too Nice’ Looking For Snuggle Partner

A sweet, lovable Boxer mix who was returned to a shelter for “being too nice” is looking for a forever home.

The 4-year-old rescue dog named Helena was returned by the family for being too affectionate says Lifeline Animal Project, a non-profit organization that works with shelters in Atlanta, Georgia, to save healthy and adoptable dogs from euthanasia.

LifeLine Animal Project wrote of Helena on Facebook: “Introducing….the sweetest, nicest, snuggliest dog in the ATL. Helena was recently returned to our Fulton County Animal Services location after her new owners said she was too nice and just wanted to be around them all the time.”

LifeLine Animal Project

It turns out Helena’s previous owners were looking for a more independent dog – a guard dog – for their home and Lifeline points out “Helena just isn’t that”.

LifeLine Animal Project

For whatever reason, the adopter overlooked Helena’s kind nature when looking for a potential guard dog.

LifeLine Animal Project

“There are … common misconceptions that dogs that look like Helena are protectors or guardians of the home and she isn’t that either,” Lifeline explained. “She’s pure love and looking for a bestie.”

According to Karen Hirsch of Lifeline Animal Project,  Helena came into the shelter in the summer after being picked up as a stray. She was malnourished and in bad shape. But her sweet personality was instantly recognizable.

LifeLine Animal Project

Hirsch told TODAY, “It was obvious the gentleman was looking for a guard/protection dog. He also suggested she be adopted by a woman ‘because they are more into that petting stuff.'”

LifeLine Animal Project

Hirsch doesn’t think “petting stuff” is exclusive to women. Helena simply needs to find a suitable home, one that will recognize her for the “Velcro dog” she is.

“She wants to be the center of your world all the time,” Hirsch said. “Ideally, we want her to go to a home where she can be smothered in love. And where someone can be the soft side to her Velcro.”

As Lifeline noted, “This Velcro dog sounds just about perfect to us. And we know there’s a family out there waiting to spend their nights binge-watching Netflix and snuggling with this sweet velvet hippo. Could that be you?”


Well, Helena didn’t have to wait long to find a new family to appreciate her affectionate personality.

“Nice guys (dogs) don’t always finish last,” Lifeline wrote in a Facebook post featuring Helena posing with her happy new family.

We’re happy to see Helena has a happy life ahead of her!

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