Dog Left In Hot Car Wearing A Diaper While Owners Went On Hike

Bystanders couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A dog wearing a diaper was left alone in the sweltering hot temperatures of a parking lot for more than two hours, while her owners took in the sights at a popular hiking spot.

Summer temperatures were soaring in the afternoon at the Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish, British Columbia when authorities were alerted that the dog was inside the hot car. When Squamish Animal Control arrived, witnesses say that the internal temperature of the car read 104 F (40 C).

A tow-truck driver assisted the officer and worked quickly to free the dog, who was in obvious distress and she was by animal control.

Witnesses interviewed after the dog was freed couldn’t understand why someone would do that to the pet. “That’s totally sickening,” said one person. “It’s beyond words how careless the owners were,” said another.

The diaper suggests the dog was left with the intention to leave her on her own for a while, which has alarmed animal lovers and authorities. However, given the dog was okay when retrieved. Animal control officers seized the dog but later returned her to her owners. The owners will likely receive a $300 fine, but are not likely to face charges. The BC SPCA explained that typically charges in such cases are typically only accepted in situations where the dog dies or there’s evidence of suffering.

The Sea To Sky Gondola allows pets on board for free for the journey down if people hike up the popular peak.

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