Dog Hunts Down Her Lost Feline Friend After He Fell Down A Mineshaft

A cat that fell down a mineshaft can thank his dog friend for his life after the dog led rescuers right to him. Mowgli the cat had gone missing for six days and his owner, Michele Rose, was distraught. Rose told the BBC that she had “almost given up hope” of finding her cat.

But she noticed Daisy, her Springer Spaniel, behaving oddly and her hope was rekindled. Daisy was “going berserk” near the woods of their Cornwall, U.K. home. The dog was zooming around trees and darting back to her to get her attention, so she decided to follow Daisy into the woods.

The dog ran down the wooded path and then “stopped dead in her tracks” next to an abandoned mineshaft. Rose called the local RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Cornwall Fire and Rescue but they couldn’t access the mineshaft because it reaches down 100 feet (30 metres) and it was too dark so they returned in the morning.

The rescuers were stunned and delighted to see Mowgli at the bottom of the mineshaft and they managed to get Mowgli out after several hours and, miraculously, Mowgli was unhurt!

“Daisy is a superstar; she’s an amazing dog,” Rose told the BBC. “Without Daisy’s instincts, Mowgli might still be trapped down there. She was relentless in leading me to that spot; it was truly remarkable.” Rose’s son, Hamish, added that Daisy and Mowgli are “pretty good mates.”

Rose agreed saying, “Daisy was already a year old when the kittens arrived, and they have been inseparable ever since. She is quite matriarchal, looking out for them, and they adore her while she remains fiercely protective of them.”

Photos shared by the RSPCA and Cornwall Fire and Rescue show Daisy and the family’s other cat, Baloo, greeting Mowgli after he was rescued.

Hamish told The Independent, “If Daisy wasn’t the favorite child already, she definitely is now.”

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