Dad Builds Rooftop Lookout Post For His Dog So He Can Keep An Eye On Everyone

A dog in Hawaii got an unusual perch thanks to his family after he gave them a bit of a scare. Twitterer Alyxah shared the adorable pictures of Check’s lookout post and explained how the unusual doggie structure came about.

Check’s family had just moved into their new house, she explains, and shortly after they left him alone for the first time, their neighbors had to make an unexpected call because Check had adventured onto the roof.

“My boyfriend Nic and his dad built it because they had moved into a new house with a large lanai with access to the roof,” Alyxah told “[T]he first day they had left their dog alone they called the fire department because he had made his way to the roof to get a better view and see where we had gone.”


Rather than block the roof off entirely, the family came up with another solution and Alyxah shared the adorable pictures on Twitter.

“So Nic’s dad blocked the access to the roof and made a little lookout for Check so he can see us leave and come home,” she said. “And also so he could hangout up there during the day.” He also likes to keep an eye on strangers as they walk by.


It’s the perfect solution for the curious pooch! ¬†Share what these caring dog owners did for their dog with your friends and family.

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