Clever Belgian Malinois Figures Out How to Carry Four Tires At Once

Prepare to be amazed at this dog’s puzzle solving skills! In what appears to be a training exercise, this clever Belgian Malinois has to figure out how to pick up four tires in one bite. The problem is, the tires are different sizes and there isn’t a clear way as to how to pick up and carry the bulky tires without tripping over them.

To begin, his human/trainer places the four bike tires in front of the dog. The Malinois then figures out all on his own how to lift the different sized tires in one bite. So smart!

Even though some viewers point out the dog was trained to do this, they were still impressed because the dog still needed to do some problem solving on his own. He also has to be adept enough to figure out what tire to pick up first and how to “stack them” around his neck so they are easy to carry!

Viewers who have had Malinois as family pets shared stories of how smart they were. Wrote one redditor, “I had a Malli. They’re very smart. My girl saw me digging out a dead rose bush for my parents once, during a visit. Watched me heave a shovel-full of dirt out of the ground, then jumped in and started digging herself. No prompting needed.”

“It’s always a Mal,” wrote another. “Raising mine was a battle of how many steps ahead of her I could get before she did something cheeky/way too smart.”

“That’s what Malinois do. They smart af,” commented another. “If you don’t make them work, they’ll work you, and not in a good way. They require physical and mental work. Humans should take note.”

“This is great problem solving,” said a fan of the dog, and concluded, “They love being put to work, so smart and happy.”

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