Family Warns Others After Their Beloved Dog Dies From Eating Dough Ornament

Lexi was the Pospisil’s beloved dog but she died tragically after she ate an ornament the family had made to celebrate their baby’s first Christmas. The grieving family took to social media to warn other pet parents of the dangers of this popular holiday decoration in order to spare other families the pain they are experiencing.

Hope Pospisil wrote:

“With tear filled eyes, I’m writing this as a warning to everyone. Lexi snuck downstairs today around 7-8am and ate Alice’s salt dough ornament(she NEVER does this). We were, of course, so mad at her. She seemed to act normal.

We left here at 1pm, thinking she was ok. When we got home around 5pm, she had peed all through her kennel and was shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t even make it back up the stairs, as she fell backwards. We immediately took her to the Vets & we had only 2 options because her body temp was 107 and already caused neurological damage. We could either take her to A-Vets & possibly,if she even made it that far, save her but be a completely different dog or put her to sleep.

With heavy hearts, we decided to put her to sleep. We are so heartbroken for not only her but for Alice because Alice & Lexi LOVED each other and she was the best dog anyone could ask for. So please, if you make these ornaments, watch your animals around them. This is not something we ever thought we would have to do to our 2.5 year old dog. Rest in Peace sweet Lexi girl. We miss you so much.”

It was the salt content in the salt dough ornament that caused Lexi’s kidney’s to shut down. Salt poisoning in dogs and cats causes symptoms such as vomiting, excessive thirst or urination, diarrhea, lethargy, walking drunk, abnormal fluid accumulation within the body, tremors, seizures, coma, and, as in the case with Lexi, death.

The Pospisils hope that by sharing their tragic story that they will save the lives of other pets. They want others to help spread the word that these ornaments are anything but harmless and are extremely toxic to pets.

The family has had an outpouring of support and they take comfort in the fact that more people are now aware of the dangers posed by salt dough ornaments.

Please share Lexi’s story with the pet owners you know and have a safe holiday!

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