Dog Breaks Loose To Join High School Relay Race And Wins It

A pet dog decided to join the relay race she was watching with her family at Logan high school in Utah only to clock a record time. The dog named Holly broke free of her owners and began chasing after high schooler Gracie Laney who was running the final 100m in the 4x200m relay event.

Guardian Sport/YouTube

Holly can be seen running on the track behind Laney and quickly gaining ground. Within seconds Holly catches up to Laney and almost trips the runner just as the pair cross the finish line.

Holly clocked in about 10.5 seconds for that 100m, a time which turns out to be just one second behind Usain Bolt’s world record!

Despite her amazing run, Holly was not rewarded the win, that went to Laney who had a time of 1 minute 59.27 seconds.

Guardian Sport/YouTube

Now it could be that Holly mistook the baton for a stick and just wanted to play fetch. A baton does resemble a stick, after all. And Laney did have it held high in the air and she was running with it. But this explanation is something only Holly can tell us and she’s staying silent on the matter. Instead, she’s content to bask in the viral glory that comes with the video captured of her race!

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