Diver Shares Jellyfish With Sea Turtle And Becomes Her Friend

Roei is a diving instructor and has seen sea turtles hundreds of times. But he’s never had an encounter quite like this one. Recently, Roei was giving a free-diving session with his students when they spotted the turtle eating a jellyfish. She was very cautious at first and pushed the jellyfish away from them.

Roei was trying to think of a way to put the turtle at ease and thought, “How can I make the turtle more comfortable with me?” He decided to pretend to eat the jellyfish with the turtle and as soon as he shared it with her, the turtle’s behavior changed completely!

The turtle brought the jellyfish to the surface and let Roei feed it to her! After a while he realized he was a distance from the boat and said goodbye to his new friend. She swam behind him, following him all the way back to the boat. He says that at the end of their shared meal it felt like they had become good friends.

It’s not every day you get to share a jellyfish salad with a turtle!

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