Disabled Dog Found Injured In Ditch After 3 Days Teaches His Mom To Be Brave

A small stray dog who endured a traumatic accident is now admired by his adoptive mom for his bravery. Odis was found injured in a ditch in Manitoba, Canada after spending three days and three nights there. He had been hit by a car and couldn’t move but was rescued by Save A Dog Network and brought to Vancouver to be cared for by the Lower Mainland Humane Society.

He went into a foster home to recover and then into the foster home of Heather who says she soon became a foster fail looking after the plucky dog. Odis doesn’t see himself as a special needs dog, Heather says. He’s happy with the present and so happy to make friends. He absolutely adores being with his four other doggie siblings.

Although he still has some trauma from being left on his own, The way Odis wakes up happy every morning and is happy is an inspiration to Heather who says his story is empowering. “I tell him ‘thank you’ for choosing our family. Thank you for teaching us humans to be brave, uh because mommy’s not very brave.”

Viewers don’t agree with Heather’s assessment, though. “‘Mommy’s not very brave.’ I disagree. Kindness and compassion are forms of bravery,” wrote one viewer. “Thank you for being so brave.”

“‘I’ll be your forever mom.’ That’s so sweet and reassuring. Thank you for making that brave decision. It’s never easy to take care of a special needs dog,” said another.

One other person commented, “Odis’s Mom is indeed very brave! Odis, you won the doggie equivalent of Mega Lottery when you were adopted by your wonderful parents!”

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