How To Decorate Easter Eggs Using Dyed Rice

I love discovering new ways to decorate Easter eggs for the holidays. In this video, they demonstrate how to use dyed rice to create unique patterns on eggs!

It looks like they are using a pre-made kit, but if you can’t find one of those, it looks pretty simple to make your own kit. You’ll need:

– hard-boiled eggs
– a cup or two of white rice
– a few plastic cups with lids (that will fit eggs). Alternately, you could probably use plastic wrap to seal the top of the cup.
– dye coloring (or food coloring)

Place some rice into a cup until it covers the bottom. Then add some drops of dye and shake and mix the rice with the color. Next, add the hard-boiled egg inside the cup and shake it gently. When you take the egg out it will have a beautiful speckled pattern from the dyed rice!

The egg decorations are quite unique and your hands won’t get colored either. I’m going to give it a try! Share this “how to” video with your friends and family who love decorating Easter eggs!

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