Deaf Dog Waits At Window For Family To Return, Unaware They’re Right Behind Him

A adorable deaf dog waiting for his family to return got a sweet surprise when they came home through the back door.

Toby’s family filmed the adorable video of him peering through the front window. He’s completely unaware they are standing right behind him.

“My dog Toby is almost 16 and completely deaf,” explains Toby’s human via Storyful. “We went through the back to bring in the rug that was drying outside. Toby saw my car but didn’t hear us come in.”

Toby does sense some movement behind him and as soon as he turns around and realizes they are home he jumps down to say “hello”. His tail wags happily and he’s greeted by his owner. “Hi, my good boy,” he says as he pets him.

Dogs really are the sweetest.

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