Dads Get Together To Make Violent High School A Safer, Happier Place

A Louisiana high school was plagued with violence until a group of dads stepped forward to help. Students at Southwood High School in Shrevenport were repeatedly getting into fights. It got so bad recently that 23 students were arrested over three days!

Concerned fathers with “Dads on Duty” – a group of 40 men who are aiming to create a safe learning environment for students – got together to come up with a plan.

The dads show up at the school every day on rotating shifts to walk the hallways and talk to the kids and keep an eye on things. They greet the kids arriving at school and assisting the kids as they come in.

They are in not a “security force in any way” they just want to change the narrative. And the most important thing is the kids are loving it!

The kids immediately felt a sense of safety and are now more at ease. The “tough love and gentle ribbing” have made the school a happier place for the children.

The dads did a longer interview with Roland S. Martin, which you can view below.

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