How To Make Your Own Air Freshener With A Wooden Clothespin

This is a simple tip that I wish I had known ages ago! Here’s a easy way to make your own air fresheners for use in your home or even your car using wooden clothespins.

Simply take a wooden clothespin and a few drops of an essential oil (with a scent you love). Rub the essential oil onto the clothespin and let the oils soak into the wood. When it’s done you can clip the clothespin onto any type of vent. For instance, in the video below, she attaches it to a heat vent in the floor. You could just as easily clip it in a car vent too to freshen up your vehicle!

To refresh this do-it-yourself air freshener all you need to do is add a few new drops to the clothespin. The solution is completely natural (no nasty chemicals) and you can pick whatever scent you like!

Check out the short video below for the instructions and share it with your friends.

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