Cash-Grabbing Kitty Steals Money From Strangers And Gives It To Homeless

Money kept showing up at the front door of an office and the owners couldn’t figure out why. They would arrive in the mornings to find dollars strewn on the floor, with only their office cat as a witness. But the Oklahoma-based ad-agency soon realized the mysterious money was because of their cat, Sir Whines A Lot.

“The strangest thing has been happening at the office on weekends,” they explained on Facebook. “When we show up on Saturday mornings and sometimes even on Sunday afternoons, we find a couple dollars on the floor near the door. Now we knew no one was paying their invoice in singles, but we just couldn’t figure it out. Well at least not until we decided to test a theory on our little #CashnipKitty. Apparently he’s quite the hustler, playing all the late night partiers traveling by foot on 3rd, Friday and Saturday nights.”

The video below shows how they tested their theory and realized it was their cat.

Passers-by, it seems, had been slipping dollar bills through the door and dangling it in front of the sociable cat only to have him snatch the money out of their hands. Word spread, and now the cash-grabbing cat has gone viral!

Sir-Whines-A-Lot’s activities have drawn a lot of attention, so much that he now goes by the nickname “CASHnip Kitty”. The formerly homeless cat’s activities now are being put to a good cause. All the cash he “steals” is going to help the local animal shelter as well as the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

People can’t get enough of the cash-grabbing game, but those that play soon discover Sir Whines-A-Lot plays for keeps.

Stuart McDaniel of GuRuStu Studios explains how his dad first came up with the theory of Sir-Whines-A-Lot’s after-hours activities and how they turned the game into a fund-raising activity for needy charities.

What a great, creative way to help give back. And it’s all because one cat couldn’t keep his paws off the money!

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