Bus Station Staff Open Their Hearts And Their Doors To Stray Dogs In Cold Weather

A few street dogs in a Brazilian town are having an easier time in the approaching cold weather thanks to the staff at a bus terminal. Rather than leave three stray dogs to fend for themselves in the cooling temperatures, the employees at the Barreirinha terminal in Curitiba have taken the dogs in and are giving them comfort.

The staff and volunteers are providing the dogs with a warm bed, food every day, fresh water, security and affection. The three dogs known as Max, Pitoco and Juninho, each get their own rubber tire outfitted with a warm blanket for their dog beds.

As in many countries, these street dogs are being taken care of communally, rather than individually.

The kindness shown the trio caught the attention of local politician Fabiane Rosa, who also is a dog lover and animal advocate. She took a few photos which she shared on Facebook along with some encouraging words for others to follow the Good Samaritans’ example.

“Congratulations to the terminal staff, everyone understands that these angels are there and have a right to be,” Rosa wrote. “So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet.”

She goes on to say that “of course the living situation [for the dogs] isn’t ideal”, but that “at least there are those who are looking out for them.” She encourages people to speak out and report animal abuse as they may be the only hope for “these silent, suffering angels” pointing out that “these communal dogs have a much more dignified life than some who are victims of maltreatment and neglect, hidden behind the walls.”

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