Strangers Open Their Hearts To Help Stray Dogs Stay Warm In Snowstorm

A series of touching photographs of residents taking care of stray dogs in the midst of a heavy snowfall and cold snap in Istanbul, Turkey are warming hearts of animal lovers all over the world.

Ali Çelik was on his way to work when he noticed some stray dogs being tended to by some Good Samaritans, who were laying down cardboard boxes for the dogs to lay on and covering them with warm blankets. They were also leaving out food.

Ali Çelik

He snapped a few photographs of the strangers’ kind gesture, which have since gone viral. They were not the only ones helping out the dogs. One of the stores in the mall, Penti, opened its doors to allow the dogs inside and stay warm.

The dogs took up the invitation and made themselves comfortable, no doubt grateful for a place to warm up and sleep.

“Don’t forget that only true love warms,” Penti manager Arzu Inan wrote on Facebook.

This is not the first place, or time, Istanbul residents have helped the city’s stray animal population. Last year, an Imam opened a mosque to allow stray cats inside to have shelter from the cold. Also, a cafe on the Greek island of Lesbos opened its doors to the street dogs at night.

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