Dalmatian And Clydesdales Highlight Positive Message In Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

Every year, as the Super Bowl nears, football fans around the globe anticipate the game, which has become a big event, not only for the sport, but also for the entertainment and the advertisements that surround it. Budweiser’s ads are perennial favorites, especially for their commercials featuring their Clydesdale horses. Their puppy ads are also immensely popular.

For 2019 the beer company teased at the Clydesdales’ return shortly before releasing this year’s full length ad.

The teaser out of the way, their official ad features a Dalmatian and the horses, plus an important message about renewable energy.

The video opens with close-up on Dalmatian, his ears fluttering in the wind. The camera pans out and we see he’s riding a stash of Budweiser being hauled by the famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

screenshot via YouTube

Why a Dalmatian you might wonder? Dalmatians have a long history of working alongside horses. They would run alongside horse-drawn carriages, sprinting alongside the horses. This practice dates back to the 1700s. But why? They accompanied the carriages to protect the horses from animals and other dogs that might spook them. They would also guard the valuables being transported inside the carriages. They would became associated with firefighters, when they would run ahead to warn people to get out of the way of the firefighter wagons and keep the horses calm near fires.

As the commercial continues, the horses are seen pulling the carriage through a field and as the camera pans out further, we see they are going through a field of wind-turbines, emblazoned with the beer company’s logo. Bob Dylan’s classic tune ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ plays in the background.

The company proclaims, “We’re bringing more than horsepower to our 2019 Super Bowl commercial” and states that “Budweiser is now brewed with 100% renewable electricity from wind power.” Considering the millions of bottles they produce that is quite a feat.

screenshot via YouTube

The wind-turbine fields are not a CGI trick. Budweiser, does in fact, have a wind farm – the Budweiser Thunder Ranch Wind Farm – which is located in Billings, OK. The 120 turbines are spread out over a 60,000-acre area. The company states that the renewable electricity generated by their wind farm generates more than the amount of electricity required to brew every beer they make in the USA.

screenshot via YouTube

Budweiser also will be powering the city of Atlanta for the 2019 Super Bowl. On their website they wrote, “We are donating clean electricity to Atlanta to power the city the week of the Super Bowl” – essentially offsetting the electricity the city uses to power Super Bowl Week.

It’s a positive message, to be sure, and as a dog lover, I’m just loving the pairing of the Dalmatian and the Bob Dylan tune. It’s also beautiful to look at.

Enjoy the 2019 commercial spot in the video below.

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