Brother Embarrasses His Younger Brother At Bus Stop Every Day

What began as a way for Noah to embarrass his little brother turned into lifelong memories both will cherish. Noah is a senior in high school and gets home before his little brother Max. He decided to have a bit of fun, dressing up in different, ridiculous costumes to greet Max when he came home from school.

It just so happens that the school bus Max rides on every day stops right in front of the family’s home, so it made Noah’s prank all the more easy to carry off.

Noah’s first few costumes were ones he found around the house. Soon he had friends giving him some and after the clips of the “Bus Brothers” began to be more widely shared on social media, Noah started to get costumes donated from all over the world!

Max was probably very embarrassed at first, but with his big brother heading off for college soon, we’re sure he’ll miss the silly moments they shared together. PS it’s mom who films the heartwarming clips.

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